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Cross posting

Cross posting from nostr to Lemmy


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  1. add mostr relays to your client ( available on https://mostr.pub/)

  2. go to https://mostr.pub/ , input the lemmy community, example : @[email protected]

  3. copy the public key, now type your post in this format : Title Body (can also contain link) @public_key_you_copied

  4. post and done ! I have only tested this on amethyst (android) and iris.to (web); unsuccessfull on primal and coracle

check this note as example, note id :

if you get it working on any other app, I want to know, I am not really sure what causes this, because it tried to post on guppe groups and chirp.social groups and it did not work !

correction ! Forgot line breaks, format is

Body (can also contain link)

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