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OP please fix the title. As Woeklchen says, it's not the full game but more of a glorified demo where you can only use one given fighter per week.

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Its the same version they launched when it released on XBone, which like you said is a demo really. It's supposed to rotate characters, but I never saw it then and wouldn't think now.

They also removed KI1, KI2, and the Killer Cuts tracks.

Edit: The Killer Cuts is bundled with The Complete Soundtrack which is sold separately instead of being included.

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Source, in case anyone wants more details. https://www.pcgamer.com/a-decade-after-launching-as-a-free-game-on-xbox-one-killer-instinct-is-going-free-to-play-on-pc/

"Players who download the free version on its release, meanwhile, will instead have access to a single fighter, who will rotate among the cast weekly."

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