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Top Meta executive said the company's name change was a success because it beat out coverage of the 'Facebook Papers' revelations::Meta's Chris Cox explained to employees the company's rebrand succeeded in driving press coverage amid whistleblower disclosures.

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Oh fuck. I didn't know this was around the same time. I literally tell everyone about how shit FB is and this proves it 1000x.

If you have a daughter or are a daughter, you should hate meta. They're inspiring a generation of self hating women and they have the data to prove it.

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Where does it say that in the article ? I wholeheartedly believe """meta"'" would do that, but I didn't see it mentionned here.

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Anything that doesn't require a subscription?

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Use Bypass Paywalls Clean to get past most news site paywalls.

Bypass Paywalls Clean for Firefox: https://gitlab.com/magnolia1234/bypass-paywalls-firefox-clean

Bypass Paywalls Clean for Chrome: https://gitlab.com/magnolia1234/bypass-paywalls-chrome-clean

Personally, I use Firefox and setup a new profile specifically for this extension and use Multi-Account Containers for each news site and uBlock Origin, too.




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