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Right? I agree with this #lemming. They don’t care about you, just profit. This is the reason I prefer open platforms like @Mastodon @lemmy and @peertube . They at least care for user privacy and freedom, big tech just doesn’t give any shits. “Profit all the way” they say.


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It is protected, but you can disclose whatever you want to whoever you want. It's your medical data, you are not prevented from sharing it, healthcare professionals are prevented from sharing identifiable information including that.

Since HIV is such a big issue in the LGBT space, so much that many blood/plasma donation places won't even let gay patients donate at all, or if they e been sexually active within like 2 months, even though they obviously test all donations anyway. Being upfront with that information is important, so for a dating/hookup app meant for those users, it's essentially like having a space to put your height.

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