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Previously on Lemmy: Productivity

I've actually been pretty busy IRL recently, and my schedule on this has really been slipping, so, probably no more big writeups until things slow down. I'll probably move the discussion to a biweekly schedule, but no promises.

Not that much experience with Asus phone on my part, I know they use to use Intel processors until they suddenly stopped.

The new Zenfone 10 looks nice, and the ROG Phones are a bit overkill, but still very interesting spec wise.

Past discussions:

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Previously: Submission Statement Edition

Haven't done these in a while, so let's get started.

  1. Since we haven't really heard any feedback one way or the other, rule 8 is now official. To be fair, we've had a lot less microblog posts than I expected (only one Twitter/X post in the last month even after I waited longer than the initial 1-2 weeks expected, and that was a crosspost.)
  • Again, the rules are always a work in progress, feel free to give your two cents here whenever you like.
  1. As you guys know, PipedLinkBot went completely insane 2 days ago and looks like it's temporarily shut down. So, I'd like to use this opportunity to explain why I banned the bot pretty much immediately after our community reopened. (And gloat a bit, of course)
  • Even though I do agree with the principle of using open source, privacy focused frontend instead of using Youtube directly, I have a real problem with using a bot to respond every time somebody posts a Youtube link. It feels like spam, and it doesn't feel like it serves any utility besides pushing an agenda (even though many people here would agree with it). Most people have seen it around here enough to use pipedvideo if they wanted it to use it already.

  • I think it's always been a rage inducing part of the reddit experience that you see you received a response to your comment, but only have it been a bot smugly correcting your grammar or tell you all your letters are in order or something useless like that. So, for this place, I would like to make sure that everyone you talk to here is a real person as much as possible, because people inspire people to be greater, but bots don't.

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Also from the official announcement (https://blog.mozilla.org/addons/2023/11/28/open-extensions-on-firefox-for-android-debut-december-14-but-you-can-get-a-sneak-peek-today/ ):

Starting December 14, 2023, extensions marked as Android compatible on addons.mozilla.org (AMO) will be openly available to Firefox for Android users.

“We’ve been so impressed with developer enthusiasm and preparation,” said Giorgio Natili, Firefox Director of Engineering. “Just a few weeks ago it looked like we might have a couple hundred Android extensions for launch, but now we can safely say AMO will have 400+ new Firefox for Android extensions available on December 14. We couldn’t be more thankful to our developer community for embracing this exciting moment.”

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In the latest Messages for Android Beta, scheduled send is broken due to a date validation bug. It won't let you schedule messages after today's date number in any month. So, for instance, today's date is 29 November, 2023; it won't allow any messages to be scheduled in December unless they're scheduled on the 29th, 30th, or 31st. Also, it won't allow any messages to be scheduled in 2024, for what I assume are similar reasons.

Reverting to the latest stable version fixes it and allows messages to be scheduled for any future date.

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Has anyone here experienced this? I'm in the train right now. As soon as i turn my bluetooth on i ' m getting loads of pop ups, asking me to pair with devices that probably do not exist. I also can't find a setting to disable pairing with divices.

Is it a virus? Is it a used vulnerability?

Either way annoying as fuck.

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A thread by @[email protected] (cross-posted from: https://lemmy.today/post/3507919 )

This is a guide to a longer lasting Android device, from choosing one to how to preserve the life of the one that you have.

Choosing a long-lasting and repair friendly phone:

To get the best shot at longevity, start with a high quality device from a manufacture with a history of long term device support, and one that regularly releases there modifications to the kernel source code. A device that has an unlockable bootloader (XDA developers Forums is a good place to see about ROM support), and is user repairable (See iFixit's Smartphone Repairability Scores) will allow you to keep the software & hardware going the longest. Both the Google Pixels, and Fairphone's line are a good place to start.

Before you use your phone

  • Use a good sturdy case like an Otterbox
  • Apply a liquid “screen protector” then a screen protector on top, Sapphire being the best (but very expensive).


Lithium-ion (LI-on) battery's wear out faster when near the upper and lower charge levels (read why here: Battery University, so avoid charging or discarding the battery fully, aiming for around 20~80% is a good target.


  • Avoid fast & wireless charging. (to reduce the heat the battery endures)
  • Use a magnetic charging cable to reduce the wear on the plug (Like Volta), you need a bulky case to have it flush to not make the phone uncomfortable to hold though. 
  • When/If you use a regular charging cable don't move the phone when it's plugged in, movement wears the plug much sooner.
Use a charge limiting feature. (Listed in order of recommendation.)
  1. If your phone has a built Smart battery charge management feature, use that.
  2. If you have Root use ACCA(a GUI for ACC) (recommended, automatic)
  3. Buy a cut off switch, like a Chargie by Lighty Electronics that's has an app to auto cut off power based on power draw or charge level. Note that in The newest Android versions restricts the APP from auto enabling Bluetooth, making this a bit of a meh solution. Using an Automation APP like Tasker to turn off a Home Assistant-controlled smart plug when the battery exceeds a reprogramming threshold might be a more reliable method. 
  4. Download an APP that alerts you at charge levels, (AccuBattery, Battery Guru: Monitor & Health, etc.

Waking & Locking the screen

Try to avoid using the power button, as it's a common fail point

To wake 

 1. Use the features "Lift to check phone/events" and "Double-Tap to check phone"

 2. Use the fingerprint reader to wake and unlock.   

To lock/turn off the screen  

 1. Use a launcher that support double tapping the home screen to lock it (Nova launcher, Smart launcher, etc.)

 2. Use Googles Quick Tap feature if you have a Pixel or the APP Tap, Tap for any Android to lock the screen. (Note: battery life might suffer)  

 3. Use a short Screen Time out.

  • Get a new case to get a fresh look and feel when your tired of the one you have
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I also compiled the update schedule into a table for those who prefer it this way:

The "(?)" are for when the precise day isn't known yet.

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Hi all. I just got a new Pixel 8. It's my first Android phone. My work uses Google Workspace but doesn't use work profiles or manage devices in any way. I'd like to be able to do the following from my phone.

  • Check email
  • Check calendar
  • Join Google Meet meetings

I looked around to see what our IT person might be able to see if I add this account in the phone's settings, but I could only find stuff related to work profiles. Anyone know? Any reason I shouldn't add it this way?

Thanks in advance!

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So this is probably a strange request but I really want to do this. For some reason, when I restored the WhatsApp chats most of the photos there got to the private directory where it doesn't show on my android gallery. I don't know what happened but there is no official solution to get the photos back. So I thought why not do it myself.

What I already did

I rooted m phone (temporarily) to get access to the msgstore.db file so that I can change the paths of the media. I can do that easily with a sqlite query.

What I couldn't do

When I try to modify the actual database, it says that I cannot do it since the file got corrupted. I think there might be a checksum or something somewhere but I can't seem to find any information about it. Does anyone know how I can do this without tripping the integrity checker?

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If I only wanted to degoogle and disable other manufacturer's bloatware from my Android device, is using adb to "uninstall" the system apps from user 0 pretty much as effective as rooting and using something like debloat terminal while rooted or are there bypasses that make rooting the better option? I'm not concerned about reclaiming the space used by these disabled system apps in this case.

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Hello, I'm looking for something to help me manage my daily tasks, something I can check off my chores, and they show up again the next day. I heard about todoist but they immediately wanted me to sign in or create an account. Is there anything out there that doesn't require that? All I can think of that it'd be useful for (other than transferring between phones) is selling my data

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Hi, I want to pay with online prepaid visa in person. I could add it to Google Pay, but Google Pay doesn't support NFC payments on GrapheneOS. Do you know any other app that lrts you do that?

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I don't have many people to celebrate with. Part of getting older is celebrating alone, which is sobering and a change of perception. If you're reading this, I hope you're safe. I hope you're with family that loves you, I got you have a friend.

The world seems dark, but it truly is safer than ever. Don't give into the media my friend. We're truly in a golden age of information sharing, which makes life terrifying but lucid and evolving.

How safe is Webview browser (programming.dev)
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After trying different browsers on android I found Privacy Browser to be what I need. It have encrypted backups,Domain settings,jsless by default,Deleting all site data and Most usable UI. Only issue is It is based on webview and I am using system default webview as my device is nonrooted so how secure is to go this way?

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I'm looking for an Android app that allows my household to easily share and edit a grocery/pantry list. It would be great if the app could:

  • Allow multiple people to view and edit grocery and pantry lists
  • Automatically add items to the grocery list when they drop below a set minimum quantity in the pantry list
  • Send notifications when the list is updated by someone
  • Allow users to add expiration dates for fridge/pantry items, and provide reminders when items are close to expiring

Some other useful features would be:

  • Barcode scanning to quickly add items
  • Categorization for where items are stored (pantry, fridge, freezer etc)

Does an app like this exist for Android? I haven't been able to find one that has all the functions I'm looking for. If you know of one, please let me know! Or if there are any that come close I'd love to check them out. Making grocery lists and keeping the kitchen stocked feels like a constant chore, so anything to make it smoother would be great.

Previously I used a Matrix group chat and currently I'm using Our Groceries Shopping List.

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The final push to start using Firefox over Chrome on Android might finally be thanks to the enormous selection of add-ons (Firefox's version of extensions) coming out next month. Chrome doesn't offer native support for extensions in its mobile app. Also, better security.

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I have a Lenovo Tab P12 Pro with active pen and I'm looking for an handwritten note taking app with palm rejection, any suggestion?

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Android beta 14 QPR2 beta 1.1 is available, downloading it now 😬 Pixel 6a

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I have a Pixel 7, stock Android 14. It is my only phone and I love the stock system. But I am trying to gradually ditch Google and its services, for reasons well-known in this community and Lemmy in general. How much would I gain/lose using a custom ROM with/without GApps?

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