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The Fairphone 4, as nominated by @[email protected]!

As promised, you will be receiving 1 Lemmy Silver, and of course, bragging rights.

But, we also have an honorary Golden Lemmy award, which goes to...

Every Android device that is not the Samsung Galaxy S22+, as nominated by @[email protected]!

You get 1 Lemmy Silver (and bragging rights) too!

That's it for this year's Golden Lemmy, folks!

(Nomination thread is here for future references.)

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Previously: Submission Statement Edition

Haven't done these in a while, so let's get started.

  1. Since we haven't really heard any feedback one way or the other, rule 8 is now official. To be fair, we've had a lot less microblog posts than I expected (only one Twitter/X post in the last month even after I waited longer than the initial 1-2 weeks expected, and that was a crosspost.)
  • Again, the rules are always a work in progress, feel free to give your two cents here whenever you like.
  1. As you guys know, PipedLinkBot went completely insane 2 days ago and looks like it's temporarily shut down. So, I'd like to use this opportunity to explain why I banned the bot pretty much immediately after our community reopened. (And gloat a bit, of course)
  • Even though I do agree with the principle of using open source, privacy focused frontend instead of using Youtube directly, I have a real problem with using a bot to respond every time somebody posts a Youtube link. It feels like spam, and it doesn't feel like it serves any utility besides pushing an agenda (even though many people here would agree with it). Most people have seen it around here enough to use pipedvideo if they wanted it to use it already.

  • I think it's always been a rage inducing part of the reddit experience that you see you received a response to your comment, but only have it been a bot smugly correcting your grammar or tell you all your letters are in order or something useless like that. So, for this place, I would like to make sure that everyone you talk to here is a real person as much as possible, because people inspire people to be greater, but bots don't.

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Enjoy the apps without ads!

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Go and check the link, but essentially:

  • small
  • 2023 release (Android 13)
  • HEADPHONE JACK (I was almost sold here)
  • NFC
  • 8GB RAM (that is powerful)
  • 256 GB internal storage
  • Dual SIM or SIM+MicroSD
  • IR BLASTER (whatttttttt)
  • LED indicators (front AND BACK)
  • fingerprint scanner
  • face ID
  • FM Radio
  • PROGRAMMABLE BUTTON (ok I'm in love already STOPPP)

I mean... this list is mindblowing. So...

What's the downside?

Honestly, you can go and check all reviews... but this phone is virtually perfect for the size, the only issue I have is that the screen is a bit too tiny, 3 inches, and 480p, and I think this will make many people run away.

It should make me look elsewhere also... but where? Any other small phone with a bigger screen is pretty bad, old, etc... and I really needed a new phone, so I realised this was an opportunity to commit to the cause, and buy and hopefully push this form factor from Unihertz to mainstream brands.

Hopefully one day we can get one with a slightly bigger screen, I believe 4 inches and 1080p would be brutal. But for now... I think I've found my new phone. In fact, I bought it 3 hours after knowing its existance.

If you are not sold yet...

Go check reviews on YouTube (example). Honestly, you'll see every reviewer falls in love with the device, even non-small phone lovers. It looks like it performs pretty well, it's decently fast, battery is solid, screen is bright and colorful, the LEDs are really useful, even Face ID (which I'll probably disable) is quick, it does not heat up at all, and even photos are pretty decent...

And it's something like 200 $. Come on. What a deal.

Will report back.

So, what do you think?

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In addition to a new Search tab that is rolling out slowly, Google’s upcoming Play Store redesign brings a persistent bottom bar...

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Google announced today that VPN by Google One is shutting down in the coming months.

Google is now “discontinuing the VPN feature as [they] found people simply weren’t using it.” The company tells 9to5Google that the deprecation will let the team “refocus” and “support more in-demand features with Google One.”

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I need a FOSS contact apps and only condition is, it should integrate with my system contacts so that I can use it with my dialer,messenger,etc. (Tried Connect you but too buggy)

PixelExperience has been depricated (blog.pixelexperience.org)
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The system launcher on my phone has a data usage that is non-zero. I've already disabled background data for it.

I use Lawnchair2, but haven't tried to disable/uninstall the system launcher because I've read somewhere that it affects gesture navigation(Is it actually so?)

I know that apps like Netguard can help, but is there a more direct solution, other than rooting?

Are there any other adb commands that are useful, hopefully that are not too dangerous?

I've recently found
adb shell pm trim-caches 99999M
Clears all/most app cache, without having to install some cache clear or use Gfiles. I don't really use it often.

Along with this, does anyone know way to troubleshoot gmail not being able to download attachments on mobile data? I've not disabled background data for that.
Or should I make a separate post on it. Or would it be too tech-supporty?

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Every 6 months or so I go looking for a solution to this problem and still haven't found one.

When my phone (Pixel 7) is connected to my car by bluetooth, the phone itself will not make any notification sounds. It is attempting to send all notification sounds to the car. The problem is, if I am currently not listening to any media and the head unit is off, I will not hear anything at all. The only possible way to hear it, is to have the head unit on and set to bluetooth input whether or not I'm listening to anything. This was not always the case. I think it changed after Android 13 was released but I'm not 100% sure.

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While Google Translate has its obvious privacy-related issues, it's at least a very mature system. The same cannot be said about Samsung's translator, especially in its current form, yet they're trying to roll it out ASAP and to as many people as possible.

So far, I've found it impossible to turn Google translate back on for quick access translations, instead I need to first copy the text, switch to the translator, then insert the text into the input field. This is more tedious than the previous method.

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Breezy Weather is a free and open-source Android weather app, forked from Geometric Weather, adding new features, sources, modernizing code, fixing bugs, updating dependencies for security reasons, etc., while keep having a smooth user and developer experience in mind.


  • Weather data

    • Daily and hourly forecasts up to 16 days
      • Temperature
      • Air quality
      • Wind
      • UV index
      • Precipitation
      • Feels like temperature
    • Hourly forecasts
      • Humidity / Dew point
      • Pressure
      • Cloud cover
      • Visibility
    • Precipitation in the next hour
    • Air quality
    • Pollen & Mold
    • Ephemeris (Sun & Moon)
    • Severe weather and precipitation alerts
    • Real-time weather conditions
      • Temperature
      • Feels like
      • Wind
      • UV index
      • Humidity
      • Dew point
      • Atmospheric pressure
      • Visibility
      • Cloud cover
      • Ceiling
  • Multiple weather sources

  • Large selection of home screen widgets for at-a-glance information

  • Live wallpaper

  • Custom icon packs

    • Geometric Weather icon packs
    • Chronus Weather icon packs
  • Automatic dark mode

  • Looking for radar? Check out this document

  • Free and Open Source

    • No proprietary blobs/dependencies (versions 5.0.0-alpha and later)
    • Releases generated by GitHub actions, guaranteeing it matches the source code
    • Fully works with Open-Meteo (FOSS source)
  • Privacy-friendly

    • No personal data collected by the app (link to app privacy policy)
    • Multiple sources are available, with links to their privacy policies for transparency
    • Current location is optional and not added by default
    • If using current location, an IP location service can be used instead of GPS to send less accurate coordinates to weather source
    • No trackers/automatic crash reporters

Note: If the link isn’t working for you or if you can’t find the app, update the default F-Droid repository in your F-Droid client.

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HeliBoard keyboard is an improved fork of the now-unmaintained OpenBoard keyboard. It does not require internet permission, allowing it to be used 100% offline.


  • Add dictionaries for suggestions and spell check

    • Build your own, or access them here, or in the experimental section (quality may vary)
    • Additional dictionaries for emojis or scientific symbols can be used to provide suggestions (similar to "emoji search")
    • Note that for Korean layouts, suggestions only work using this dictionary; the tools in the dictionary repository cannot create working dictionaries
  • Customize keyboard themes (style, colors, and background image)

    • Can follow the system's day/night setting on Android 10+ (and on some versions of Android 9)
    • Can follow dynamic colors for Android 12+
  • Customize keyboard layouts (only available when disabling system languages)

  • Multilingual typing

  • Glide typing (only with closed-source library ☹️)

    • Library not included in the app, as there is no compatible open-source library available
    • Can be extracted from GApps packages ("swypelibs"), or downloaded here
  • Clipboard history

  • One-handed mode

  • Split keyboard (only available if the screen is large enough)

  • Number pad

  • Backup and restore your learned word/history data

Hidden Functionality

Features that may go unnoticed, and further potentially useful information

  • Long-pressing the Clipboard Key (the optional one in the suggestion strip) pastes system clipboard contents.
  • Long-pressing keys in the suggestion strip toolbar pins them to the suggestion strip.
  • Long-press the Comma-key to access Clipboard View, Emoji View, One-handed Mode, Settings, or Switch Language:
    • Emoji View and Language Switch will disappear if you have the corresponding key enabled;
    • For some layouts, it's not the Comma-key, but the key at the same position (e.g. it's q for Dvorak layout).
  • When incognito mode is enabled, no words will be learned, and no emojis will be added to recents.
  • Sliding key input: Swipe from shift or symbol key to another key. This will enter a single uppercase key or symbol and return to the previous keyboard.
  • Hold shift or symbol key, press one or more keys, and then release shift or symbol key to return to the previous keyboard.
  • Long-press a suggestion in the suggestion strip to show more suggestions, and a delete button to remove this suggestion.
  • Swipe up from a suggestion to open more suggestions, and release on the suggestion to select it.
  • Long-press an entry in the clipboard history to pin it (keep it in clipboard until you unpin).
  • Swipe left in clipboard view to remove an entry (except when it's pinned)
  • Select text and press shift to switch between uppercase, lowercase, and capitalize words
  • You can add dictionaries by opening the file
    • This only works with content-uris and not with file-uris, meaning that it may not work with some file explorers.
  • Debug mode / debug APK
    • Long-press a suggestion in the suggestion strip twice to show the source dictionary.
    • When using debug APK, you can find Debug Settings within the Advanced Preferences, though the usefulness is limited except for dumping dictionaries into the log.
      • For a release APK, you need to tap the version in About several times, then you can find debug settings in Advanced Preferences.
      • When enabling Show suggestion infos, suggestions will have some tiny numbers on top showing some internal score and source dictionary.
    • In the event of an application crash, you will be prompted whether you want the crash logs when you open the Settings.
    • When using multilingual typing, the space bar will show a confidence value used for determining the currently used language.
  • For users doing manual backups with root access: Starting at Android 7, some files and the main shared preferences file are not in the default location because the app is using device-protected storage. This is necessary so the settings and layout files can be read before the device is unlocked, e.g., at boot. The files are usually located in /data/user_de/0/<package_id>/, though the location may depend on the device and Android version.

Planned features and improvements:

  • Customizable functional key layout
    • Will likely result in having the same functional key layout for alphabet and symbols layouts
  • Support for alt, ctrl, meta and fn (#479)
  • Less complicated addition of new keyboard languages (e.g. #519)
  • Additional and customizable key swipe functionality
    • Some functionality will not be possible when using glide typing
  • Ability to enter all emojis independent of Android version (optional, #297)
  • (limited) support for customizing all internally used colors
  • Add and enable emoji dictionaries by default (if available for language)
  • Clearer / more intuitive arrangement of settings
    • Maybe hide some less used settings by default (similar to color customization)
  • Customizable currency keys
  • Customizable clipboard toolbar keys (#513, #403)
  • Ability to export/import (share) custom colors
  • Make use of the .com key in URL fields (currently only available for tablets)
    • With language-dependent TLDs
  • Internal cleanup (a lot of over-complicated and convoluted code)
  • (optionally?) move toolbar key pinning to a setting, so long press actions on unpinned toolbar keys are available
  • Bug fixes

What will not be added:

  • Material 3 (not worth adding 1.5 MB to app size)
  • Dictionaries for more languages (you can still download them)
  • Anything that requires additional permissions
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I've been using SwiftKey since before the Microsoft acquisition, but now I want to move on because it's pushing copilot.

What do you recommend? I'm fine with the play store or F-droid, and I'll pay for a good one if necessary

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I am looking for an app on android that can encrypt files. The encrypted files need to be available for copy because I want to use Syncthing to sync them with my server.

Or if you have other suggestions how I can achive my purpose of having extra secure files on my phone and also auto backup to a server/device.

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I still use an unsupported 2018 Asus ZenFone Max (M1) ZB555KL X00PD with a broken screen. I’d like to change the screen.

Measures of the device: 156 x 77.5 x 10.6 mm (6.14 x 3.05 x 0.42 in).

Now, I don’t know if these are standard measurements for a certain set of smartphones (the ones that can be held and used with just one hand) or if any company can choose what size it uses for their devices, making finding a screen that fits incredibly more difficult.

The other question is, how difficult would it be to do it myself?

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I've been looking around to find a good, privacy respecting way to sync my messages between phones. I decided I'm going to use SyncThing so I don't have to mess around with a server. The only problem with this is that I haven't been able to find any apps that work on modern Android that routinely backup and import messages from a file/folder into the messages database. Does anyone know any app that might do this?

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This announcement is from the Lawnchair Discord:

Lawnchair 14 has arrived!

After about 2 years, we're delighted to announce that Lawnchair 14 has finally arrived!

Based on Launcher3 from Android 14, this release works with QuickSwitch from Android 10 to Android 14! You won't need to use an older version to integrate with the system.

Some major highlights:
• Search your phone, the web, and more with our new Global Search — no root needed!¹
• View flight info, see surrounding traffic, and keep an eye on your data usage with Smartspacer — all integrated within Lawnchair.²
• Want to further control your icons? Fret not, We now support custom icon packs for themed icons, alongside some new icon options.³
• Themers rejoice — you can now hide the Dock for a cleaner home screen. You can also change even more colors, fonts, and padding.
• Are you tired of Lawnchair crashing because of widgets? We've fixed that issue; you won’t need to do some hacky workaround to add them.⁴

Alongside that, we have a new partnership with Startpage — searching with Startpage (via the dock search bar or App Drawer search) helps support Lawnchair’s development.

We still have more things to share! See the announcement on our website for more information.

¹ Experimental feature, requires opt in Lawnchair Settings.
² Requires Smartspacer and respective plugins.
³ Requires a supported icon pack .
⁴ May still persist depending on the device.

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I found a few old phones from my family. II cleaned them, installed LineageOS and rooted most of them. On one I installed postmarketOS, one is still stock Android and one is lets say bricked (after installing lineagesos it stay on boot logo for ever, before that I installed lineageos and nethunter on it). One one disk encryption doesnt work for some reason.

Phones (all samsung galaxy):

  • S4
  • A5
  • A5 (bricked)
  • A5 (postmarketOS)
  • J3
  • J4+ (no encryption)
  • A31 (stock)

What can I do with them? Something like Monero node or Tor relay, but I'm already running that on old pc. For something that needs speed I have rpis (like a website). Camera security system? Tracking device?

Is it possible to run (and autorun) cli apps and/or services that can access interent, bluetooth, gps, sensors, camera, files, etc. just like on linux? I'm a programmer and I don't like making normal android apps for a simple project.

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I explain what I mean with lock screen: not the launcher.

Lunar launcher (home screen) rotates automatically. Im looking for something like that but for the lock screen: the screen a user sees when he puts the device to sleep and turns it on again or reboots the system and has to enter the password.

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Please let me know how I should deal with my banking apps in the future. I used LineageOS and Magisk to convince SafetyNet that everything was as it should be.

Now I read that SafetyNet was depreciated and LineageOS would become a red flag for banking apps (in Germany).

What is the way forward?

How can I use up-to-date firmware (i am fine with using something besides LineageOS) and still use my banking app on my phone?

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Hey everyone,

So, for a bit of context I've used every smartphone I've owned until it was dead in the sense that the hardware wasn't repairable anymore. The realme6 pro I'm using at the moment is currently on life support so it's time to look for a replacement.

Here's some criteria for what it's important to me:

  • I'm not a phone gamer, I don't care how well it runs Genshin Impact or PUBG, but I do use emulators like Citra.
  • I don't really care about photography, any fancy camera is a bonus, it's not something I normally would consider when comparing phones.
  • Wireless charging would be nice since from experience charging ports are a common point of failure. It's not necessarily a must however.
  • A micro-sd and headphone jack would be nice to have, but I'm ready to sacrifice that if the phone has decent storage.
  • Bloatware and weird proprietary forced, subscription/AI/ads bullshit baked into the default OS are a big no from me. I'm not as hardcore as some of the Lemmings I've met, but I do value privacy.
  • Little extras such as an IR blaster, notification slider, or maybe some fun little gimmick like the glyph interface on Nothing phones is of medium importance to me. I like to tinker too, so any decent customization options is a plus.

I don't need a top of the line flagship, I'm looking for a midrange phone that's available in Canada. With that in mind, I had some ideas already:

  • Nothing phone 2, this one seems fun and ticks most boxes for me. What's holding me back is the 3-4 years of updates (but that seems standard enough nowadays) and the relatively high price. If you can ease my mind and tell me I'll still be able to comfortably use this phone in 2028+ I might get this.
  • One plus 12R, I like the specs and price on this one. What worries me is the bloat I've seen mentioned. Has anyone had experience with their android flavour? If so, is it feasible to remove/deactivate all useless apps?
  • Pixel phones, I haven't researched these enough to decide on a model though. I might give GrapheneOS a try if I end up using a Pixel, I'm impressed by the 7 years of Android updates too. What's holding me back however, is the lack of "fun" compared to my other options, no IR blaster or distinguishing features makes it equal to my other options.

With all that said, any other recommendations are very welcome. Looking forward to reading your thoughts :)

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As the title says, a samsung tablet got updated, and now refuses to allow an older app that was working fine before the update to launch or do anything other than pop a toast saying it was built for an older android version.

While there are other app options, none are the right fit.

So, I'm hoping there's a way to make the app work anyway. It's the Swype keyboard.

Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: solved!

As [email protected] said, there is a version on xda that works, as long as you only need the basic language it comes with. There is a way to make the language packs work, but it is supposedly fiddly.

Here's [https://xdaforums.com/t/any-way-to-run-swype-dragon-keyboard-on-android-14-on-pixel-6-pro.4640113/#post-89243411](http://www..com/ the link )

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