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Welcome (self.endlesstalkorg)
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Many large instances have been struggling to deal with the big increase in users from Reddit.

Therefor I wanted to setup this server to divide the load. I also really like hosting and managing a server, so I thought it was perfect for me

About is intended to be a serious long-term instance!

Rules and info can be found in the sidebar.

Technical setup

  • Have been built with redundancy and recoverability in mind
  • Database and images are backed up every 2 hours, so there is always a fallback.
  • Servers for are runing in the clould and I strive to get the best mix between stability and pricing.

If you decide to join, let me know of any issues or improvements at issues and improvements

Lastly I would appreciate any donation to cover the server costs. At the moment, its not really needed, but I would appreciate it regardless.

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Sadly, we will never again be likely to have the opportunity to take such a photo.

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KDE urges the European Commission restore #funding for free software through Next Generation Internet (NGI).

Read the open letter here:

#freesoftware #EU


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I am offended (
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Cynthia “Cyn” Carranza meticulously scavenged for a shady parking spot in the car she called home.

The overnight custodian at Disneyland has to sleep during the day - a difficulty for anyone, let alone when you're living in your car with two dogs. Ms Carranza says she makes $20.65 an hour (about £15.99) at the park but last summer, she couldn't afford rent in this Southern California city where the average apartment can run more than $2,000 (about £1,550) a month.

Ms Carranza, like others who work at the park, detailed to the BBC the financial hardships that come with working at what’s supposed to be the “Happiest Place on Earth”. About 10,000 union workers at Disneyland - the first of 12 parks created around the globe - are threatening to strike over the wages and what they say are retaliatory anti-union practices.

Hundreds of workers protested outside the park this week, with an array of signs and pins showing Mickey Mouse's gloved fist in defiance. 

“Mickey would want fair pay,” workers chanted outside Disneyland near the park's gates. 

They voted almost unanimously to authorise strike action on Friday, just days before union contract negotiations for workers are set to resume.

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Tyler Dykes, 26, who said at sentencing he is supporting Trump to be president, pleaded guilty to assault charges

A Marine who stormed the US Capitol and apparently flashed a Nazi salute in front of the building was sentenced on Friday to nearly five years in prison.

Tyler Bradley Dykes, of South Carolina, was an active-duty US marine when he grabbed a police riot shield from the hands of two police officers and used it to push his way through police lines during the attack by a mob of Donald Trump’s supporters on 6 January 2021.

Dykes, who pleaded guilty in April to assault charges, was previously convicted of a crime stemming from the 2017 white nationalist Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Dykes was transferred to federal custody in 2023 after he served a six-month sentence in a state prison.

US district judge Beryl Howell sentenced Dykes, 26, to four years and nine months of imprisonment, the justice department said.

real gs rule (
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Leopards eat popcorn.

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Ex-Overstock chief Patrick Byrne using Maga-allied America Project to steer large amounts to groups pushing fringe theories

The multimillionaire and prominent election denier Patrick Byrne has been boosting his funding to the Maga-allied America Project and using it to steer six-figure checks to far-right groups that push voting conspiracies in Arizona, Michigan and elsewhere, according to tax records and voting experts.

Byrne, the former CEO of online retailer, said last fall that only $3m of the $30m the Florida-based project had raised at that point came from “the public”, with the rest coming from him.

The America Project was launched in April 2021 by Byrne and Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser to Donald Trump when he was president; both Byrne and Flynn have been vocal purveyors of falsehoods that Trump lost the 2020 election due to fraud. They were also both at a meeting with Trump and others in late 2020 to brainstorm ways to overturn his loss.

The project’s website features bogus claims about election fraud stemming from early and mail voting, and styles itself as “an America First non-profit organization defending rights and freedoms, election victory, and border security to save America”.

The project also boasts that its goal is “to be a symphony conductor of the pro-freedom, pro-constitutional movement, synchronizing and magnifying the efforts of those who wish to ally with us through connecting, training, funding, and working together to save America”.

In practice, the America Project and Byrne have sent hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Arizona-based We the People AZ Alliance, and Michigan-based United States Election Investigation and Lawsuits Inc, triggering alarms by election watchdogs and some GOP veterans due to their incendiary election denialist stances and leaders.

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Fault in CrowdStrike caused airports, businesses and healthcare services to languish in ‘largest outage in history’

Services began to come back online on Friday evening after an IT failure that wreaked havoc worldwide. But full recovery could take weeks, experts have said, after airports, healthcare services and businesses were hit by the “largest outage in history”.

Flights and hospital appointments were cancelled, payroll systems seized up and TV channels went off air after a botched software upgrade hit Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

It came from the US cybersecurity company CrowdStrike, and left workers facing a “blue screen of death” as their computers failed to start. Experts said every affected PC may have to be fixed manually, but as of Friday night some services started to recover.

As recovery continues, experts say the outage underscored concerns that many organizations are not well prepared to implement contingency plans when a single point of failure such as an IT system, or a piece of software within it, goes down. But these outages will happen again, experts say, until more contingencies are built into networks and organizations introduce better back-ups.

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#cigarettes #Lucky_Strike

What to quit ? No you don't !!! Let's try something lighter.

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cross-posted from:

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.. and why is this community against them?

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Sky-high prices and electricity shortages could hit Hungarians within “weeks” after Kyiv imposed a partial ban on Russian oil passing through its territory.

Hungary is racing against time to avoid power outages and fuel shortages after Ukraine imposed a partial ban on Russian oil passing through its territory.

Kyiv last month imposed sanctions blocking the transit of pipeline crude sold by Moscow’s largest private oil firm, Lukoil, to Central Europe — partially negating an exemption to sanctions set up by the European Union to give Russian-reliant countries extra time to wean off supplies. 

Ukraine's aim is to throttle a key source of revenue for the Kremlin’s war chest more than two years after its full-scale invasion of the country. 

But the move is sparking fears of supply shortages in Budapest, which relies on Russia for 70 percent of its oil imports — and Lukoil for half that amount.

Petit dej à Sète, au festival de la poèsie (
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Petit dej à Sète, au festival de la poèsie


Fait très chaud à Sète, la chaleur est écrasante et moi je tapis à l'ombre en dégustant des plats palestiniens.

Il fait aussi la restauration au festival Résistanceqde Foix et vend de belles sandales en cuire. :3

Le tout accompagnée de la zik de Mohammed abdel wahab. Très relaxant en attendant la poèsie en langue des signes d'Aurore Corominas et Levent Beskardes

#FestivalPoesie #Sète #Palestine #Déjeuner #AuroreCorominas
#LeventBeskardes #LSF

Red Card (
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From A Place Called Hope (Facebook)

Just give a hoot and take down the soccer nets when not in use...

This Great Horned Owl is lucky he was found, rescued, and not broken from his ordeal. He is suffering from some soft tissue injuries but should make a full recovery.

A special thanks to Dr Brenton from the Country Companions Veterinary Hospital in Bethany who rescued him. She will be pleased to help with his release when he is ready to go home. Hopefully the net will no longer be in his territory.

We need to do better.. for all of our wildlife. Simple safety checks in our own backyards really makes a difference.

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