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Many large instances have been struggling to deal with the big increase in users from Reddit.

Therefor I wanted to setup this server to divide the load. I also really like hosting and managing a server, so I thought it was perfect for me

About endlesstalk.org

endlesstalk.org is intended to be a serious long-term instance!

Rules and info can be found in the sidebar.

Technical setup

  • Have been built with redundancy and recoverability in mind
  • Database and images are backed up every 2 hours, so there is always a fallback.
  • Servers for endlesstalk.org are runing in the clould and I strive to get the best mix between stability and pricing.

If you decide to join, let me know of any issues or improvements at issues and improvements

Lastly I would appreciate any donation to cover the server costs. At the moment, its not really needed, but I would appreciate it regardless.

Scrunch (lemmy.world)
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Also from the official announcement (https://blog.mozilla.org/addons/2023/11/28/open-extensions-on-firefox-for-android-debut-december-14-but-you-can-get-a-sneak-peek-today/ ):

Starting December 14, 2023, extensions marked as Android compatible on addons.mozilla.org (AMO) will be openly available to Firefox for Android users.

“We’ve been so impressed with developer enthusiasm and preparation,” said Giorgio Natili, Firefox Director of Engineering. “Just a few weeks ago it looked like we might have a couple hundred Android extensions for launch, but now we can safely say AMO will have 400+ new Firefox for Android extensions available on December 14. We couldn’t be more thankful to our developer community for embracing this exciting moment.”

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Sen. Ted Cruz has introduced a bill that would limit the use of preferred names by trans people.
The irony, critics point out? The senator, whose legal name is Rafael Edward Cruz, uses a preferred name himself: Ted.

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Im curious as I usually use the site very occasionally to get certain electronic parts or order from PCBway like I just picked up some cheap but infinitely better than stock gps antennas for my LoRa T beams and im about to get a set of also still cheap but much better than stock 915mhz antennas but i kinda wanna throw some other projects or weird thing in the cart with it. It doesent have to be hobby electronics with soldering and all that but bonus points if it is.

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The shocking discovery: On Nov. 25, the man sought medical help at the Cuba Friendship Hospital in Dong Hoi, where he complained of severe headaches, along with fluid discharge and loss.

CT scans revealed tension pneumocephalus, a “very rare” and potentially life-threatening condition causing increased intracranial pressure. Doctors, led by Dr. Nguyen Van Man, found that the source of the issue was a pair of chopsticks that had penetrated his nose and entered his brain.

A trip down memory lane: The unnamed patient recalled being involved in a fight five months earlier when he was drinking. Although his memory was hazy, he vaguely remembered being stabbed in the face, possibly with the chopsticks. But when he visited the hospital after the altercation, medical professionals found no chopsticks or irregularities in his nose. Regardless, the patient suspected that the utensils were lodged in his nose during the fight and had remained undiscovered in his skull.

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Fake HDMI cable crackdown - Taiwanese police raid suppliers of counterfeit HDMI cables, seize $2.6 million in knockoffs in a single day::Police in Taiwan have cracked down on counterfeit HDMI cable sales, raiding online sellers across the island.

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Elon Musk, the owner of X, criticized advertisers with expletives on Wednesday at The New York Times’s DealBook Summit.

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