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I ended up with a kidney surgery when I was young from holding it. I ended up with hypoglycemia from forgetting to eat regularly, for extended periods during high school. My teeth also had a rough time with bad habits.

It is a wonder I was not diagnosed for adhd earlier (44 diagnosed 2 mo ago)!

Because of health issues now still stemming from those younger years, I am more vigilant about bathroom breaks and at least healthy snacking if not proper meals. I keep flosspicks around and handy. Though, I still may not shower until halfway through a day and a future task now requires it, and other small things. Like, I will be sitting and intent on something and feel my leg tingling and telling me it's falling asleep, I won't pay it any attention though to shift or wiggle. Instead, I'll get a cramp or, finally go to move and have no feeling in that limb and be stuck. That's when my brain will acknowledge that we knew the whole time and just ignored it.

Medicine has been very helpful, though there are still habits that need correction after so many years ingrained.

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Had a pretty good weekend but decided I needed to call off today. We just made through one of our busiest seasons last week, had my birthday this weekend, Thanksgiving coming this week at my cousins house, who passed away last week. My best friend who passed away a few years ago, her bday is tomorrow. I decided I wanted to skip my meds and enjoy coffee and an empty house after everyone else left for work. I wallowed in some some sorrow and some past due self care. Then did some house care for feeling guilty playing hooky. I'm in my 40s and I think this is the first actual mental health day I have ever taken from work. It was kinda nice in the end. Felt really productive overall for a caffeine over meds day in the middle of some crazy stressors.

Whew. Thanks for the safe space to kinda tell all this to. I'm winding down so I can prepare for my new start of the week and this helped to share and kinda get it out.

I hope all of you have a wonderful week and if celebrating, stay safe in that holiday traffic and enjoy some good food!

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My game after diagnosis, is how many I can not cross off to win my bingos.

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43 diagnosed yesterday finally.

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Depends on the day.

personality rule (lemmy.one)
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Ya know, I got those same vibes. Something about the different footwear but same kind of white dress really kinda makes it feel like they were redressed or something.

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Our lil part breed, we live in AZ so he wears shirts for sun protection cause he is mostly bald.

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There. Are. FOUR LIGHTS!! Also Jean Luc. Anytime I'm telling my SO there are 4 of something. This is probably why we can't keep friends.

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If it were me or one of my loved ones, aside from rescue, this may be the best outcome.

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I've been going over and upvoting all this shit I can before my Joey app stops working. I am easily amused, r/Well that sucks has had me laughing every time it pops up.

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I'm here from lemmy.one and saw this! It is growing quick on me, and I'm older. I am glad I don't have to understand the inter-workings to use it!

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Imagine after the 3rd party apps are killed!

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Our newest rescue (lemmy.one)
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Meet Spot...iford. Just "Spot" seems to short, so we fancied it up. Alllmost went Spot...icus. it sounded too much like we had a Maine accent though.

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