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Google Pixel

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The home of /r/GooglePixel on Lemmy and the Fediverse!

The place for everything related to Google Pixel devices, including news, reviews, tips, tutorials, rooting, and app discussions.

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  1. Stay on topic: all posts should be related to Google Pixel devices.
  2. No offensive/low-effort content: avoid posting offensive or low-effort content that does not contribute positively to the community.
  3. No self-promotional spam: active community members are welcome to post their apps but should also participate in comments and discussions. Please do not post links to your own website, YouTube channel, or blog.
  4. No reposts/rehosted content: whenever possible, submit original sources. If the original source is not available in English, you may provide a translation. Reposts of the same content are not allowed.
  5. No editorializing titles: when submitting articles, do not change the titles. You may add the author's name if it is relevant.
  6. No piracy: sharing or discussing pirated content is strictly prohibited.
  7. No unauthorized polls/bots/giveaways: please do not create unauthorized polls, use bots, or organize giveaways without proper authorization.
  8. No affiliate links: posting affiliate links is not allowed.

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