Failed diorama (lemmy.world)
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They can’t all be winners, so I thought I’d show off the failed island diorama I was working on.

I tried putting some blue ink into into pour resin to tint it and due to bad technique ended up with a lot of cloudy swirling. Might look good otherwise but not the look I was going for. There were also some resin curing issues between layers.

This diorama is trashed but I thought I could show it to the world.

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I consider this kind of an experimental failure. I was playing with snow effects and trying some new things. They didn't fully work out, but I did get some snow effect practice.

Hotwheels car for scale

Here’s an album of other angles.

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Fun ambient song I made today! (wetnoodle.bandcamp.com)
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New track I made by sampling pokemon diamond and pearl's lake verity ost with the teenage engineering pocket operator and ran through my modular synth with clouds by mutable instruments providing texture.

Bookshelf I made (lemmy.one)
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Here are some more pictures:

I originally posted this in the woodworking subreddit. It's my first real woodworking project. Here's the description I included with that post:

I am happy to report that so far I have not regretted bringing home that radial arm saw a few months ago. I used it to successfully build a small, adjustable bookshelf for my sister's baby shower.

I made it from 3/4" Europly with maple veneer and finished it with Odie's Oil. I glued all the joints with Titebond III. The back is 1/8" hardboard to which I applied a cool looking adhesive backed wallpaper.

I didn't have a dado stack, so I got a little creative with the joints for the legs. I think it worked out because the plys are continuous the same way they are around the mitered corners.

Not sure what my next project will be, but I'm looking forward to doing something soon. My family was really impressed, so this effort felt really rewarding.

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That loaded right? I'm sorry I am very new to this.^___^

Dusty Dawn, by Presque Papegaai (presquepapegaai.bandcamp.com)
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I released an electronic music album with a friend a few days ago. All feedback is welcome! You can also find it on the archive here if you want different audio quality downloads. Hope somebody out there enjoys it!

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I patterned it all from scratch, too!

Sewn both by hand & machine. Has a velcro closure on the front of the neck! Also super light, so your head & neck won't hurt while wearing it (I'm very proud of that)! I lined the mouth with soft fleece and the inside of the head with satin. It's really comfortable!

It's not a mask, so you can't see out of it if you pull it over your face!! It's meant to be worn more like a hood.

If you have any questions about how it was made, feel free to ask!

Black fur is really difficult to photograph.. it looks better in-person!

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I like the flow state I get into when I'm focusing on small detailed things.

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I haven't drawn in years, and I recently started doing it again, I am particularly proud of this little willow I drew

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I know I know, everyone's sick of me posting about these socks. But look! They're done! You probably never have to see them ever again (at least until they come up in a fortnightly theme 😆

Technically I tried to avoid such different colour pooling from one sock to the other, but as you can see I failed miserably. Don't care at all, they're fabulous, sometimes you just have to let the yarn do its thing!

Yarn was one-off hand-dyed, and the pattern is apparently discontinued although there's still the Ravelry page, and also @[email protected] found it on the wayback machine when I posted about it previously, thank you for that!

Pattern is written for DPNs but you can pry my one single circular out of my cold dead hands.


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Solid copper again, but the stones are just colored CZ this time. If you look closely you can still barely see the lines I made to mark center.

Oh, and I set these stones entirely with hand tools. Not sure why, that’s just how things panned out lol

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It’s the first piece I’ve finished that actually LOOKS like proper jewelry someone would buy. It looks worn because it is, I haven’t taken it off since I finished it yesterday hahah

It started life as 5 pennies. I like the permanence of overbuilt things, so the shank is staying too thick. The alexanderite is synthetic, and honestly a pretty sub-par cut. But it wouldn’t have fit in the head if it wasn’t abnormally shallow, so I can’t really complain.

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I'm a professional film and TV editor. In between jobs, I recut the Kenobi show from a weak 6-hour miniseries to a strong 2-hour movie (including full sound & score remixing via split-audio I managed to get).

Click here to watch!

If the above link doesn't work, watch here instead!


If Mega is giving you download problems, consider installing jdownloader here. It's a really incredible downloader program that you'll probably wanna keep regardless.

My goal for this redux was to create a tight, entertaining adventure story from the original assets.

Unlike the Patterson cut, or other fan-edits, I did not add any external assets (with one tiny exception that I’m sure you’ll all notice, ha). Adding external assets from other films and shows (or original VFX) tends to break visual unity, and in my opinion is a glaringly obvious addition. The work by other fan-edits is very impressive, but would not fit with the goal of this project.

The Boonta Eve Redux is comprised of the original show itself, but pared-down, shaped, and made strong.

That said, it's important to note that no amount of re-editing can fix fundamental story problems. In my opinion, the entire existence of Kenobi is a rather unfortunate misadventure, driven almost wholly by Disney wanting to push content for content's sake. I feel strongly that having Kenobi and Vader encounter each other between RotS and ANH is, for many reasons, a critical mistake; likewise, having Kenobi and Leia encounter each other is almost as bad.

However, this re-edit addresses some of the most glaring oversights and mistakes of the original show, while highlighting its few true successes. Ultimately, I feel that it's a major improvement.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the cut. Feel free to share, create torrents, etc.

Thanks for watching!

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Almost forgot to actually post my completed #macrame project from last week, but here we go!

I am very proud of this for a first attempt, especially considering the kit and instructions weren't great.

Definitely want to do a lot more of this, I suspect most of my friends will be getting macrame'd Christmas gifts this year!

#Crafts #HomeDecor


i made a crappy lemmy client (lemmy.xylight.dev)
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it's a web client, here's the link

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I had leftover ringbound paper from an unrelated project, and the cover is just cardboard and tape. This baby is all scraps!

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Throwback post to the Steotchalone 2020 (or however you spell it). I don't normally take part in any time-intensive or team events because frankly I wouldn't be able to keep up, but during the lockdown they ran a version designed for solo participation and I signed up on a total whim.

Our instructions were to basically pick a palette of six shades with suitable contrast, then await the pattern!

Thoroughly enjoyed this stitch. It was amazing seeing it come together with so few colours involved, and the texture of the hair and beard is really cool.

You can tell I'm proud of it because I basically never FFO anything otherwise. I ironed this and everything! 😄

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